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equipoli's graphics

Cream Muffin
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" hello hello "

This is my graphics community CREAM_MUFFIN.
There won't be any personal posts here, you can find them at equipoli.
I hope you guys enjoy it :)

- take any icons/banners you want but PLEASE CREDIT equipoli or cream_muffin
- do not edit my graphics
- do not repost them at fanpop or similar pages
- do not hotlink!

That's it. Don't break the rules and you'll have my ♥ :)
There will be a few request posts, so if you have any requests,
please post them there with good quality pictures (!).
Unless I get some pictures I can't make any graphics.

Layout: milou_veronica
mood theme: close

Affiliates: orange_teardrop

RESOURCES (Textures, Caps):
andallmycharmes, thisbrightcity, boldinsanity, shadedcolor, craanberries, craazychrissy,chrimsonxicons, deny1984, driftingaway, florescentia, hepburnette, crazydd, kiochan, daintydeers, lovemetender, marys_angel, melakoma, misssnoopy25, nokitas, ohfreckle, sara_stc, shiruji, sunnymystery, too_addicted, vikyvampirs90, aminahlovespatd, winterlillies, xloliconsx lamorebella, elly_dee, lifeisdolce, valensmalice, electricskiess, joel_le, etchedgirl, rogue_dolls, phoenixrises, butterphil, extraobsession, selline_s, arabella, soghislaine, infinite_angst, rawr-caps.net